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      무료 등록 블랙잭 영화

      A PSA Specialist Group for the Study of Anarchism.


      ASN members secure 拢250k research grant from the ESRC. See here

      Rowman & Littlefield Int publish two book series by ASN members Saul Newman and Ruth Kinna


      Welcome to the Anarchist Studies Network website

      This is the official website for the Anarchist Studies Network a Political Studies Association (UK), Specialist Group for the Study of Anarchism.

      Conveners: Ruth Kinna (Loughborough) and Uri Gordon (Loughborough)

      Treasurer: Alex Christoyannopoulos (Loughborough)

      To join this group, and to be signed up to the group's email list, please contact the membership secretary Benjamin Franks: benjamin.franks@ glasgow.ac.uk.

      ASN members receive a 拢5 discount on the academic journal Anarchist Studies. Just ask Benjamin for more details.

      Anarchist Studies Network // 5th International Conference

      12-14 September 2018 // Loughborough University, U.K.

      Central theme: Decolonize Anarchism

      Go here for Abstracts and here for a full conference schedule

      The fight against domination and destruction continues under heavy clouds. A global wave of resistance has once again been met with reaction, as elites turn to barefaced nationalism, racism and misogyny. For the world's majority, such oppression is neither surprising nor new, given the enduring legacy of colonialism and by-now-established forms of neo-colonial exploitation. Meanwhile, hegemonic discourses show a frustrating capacity to co-opt and neutralise: converting anti-capitalism into welfare-populism, ecological resistance into green consumption, and militant intersectionality into liberal identity politics. Anarchist literature and organising are not automatically immune to these problems; posing ideas and practices that are radically free from domination requires critical reflection on assumptions and truths, including one鈥檚 own. Despite challenges, anarchists have sustained and grown multiple sites of resistance as well as constructive projects, while boldly spearheading the confrontation with the far right. Confident that the tide will turn again, the flame remains kindled. In these uncertain times, the elaboration of anarchist analysis bridging theory and practice, scholarly rigour and the insights of social movements, is as necessary as ever.

      ASN conferences aim to breach new frontiers in anarchist scholarship, and encourage cross-pollination between disciplines. The central theme for this conference is DECOLONISATION, which we hope will inspire many of the presentations and panels. The purpose is twofold: to stimulate discussion of colonialism and racism as forms of oppression that anarchists oppose, but which continue to be felt in anarchist organising; and to welcome individuals, groups and communities who have not previously participated in ASN events. By recognising the legacy of non-western and anti-colonial thought and action in the anarchist tradition, we want to strengthen the ties between contemporary anarchists and decolonial theory and practice in the struggle against oppression, and to use the recognition of racist and Eurocentric practices and mind-frames to open up the event to marginalised groups.

      Contemporary Anarchist Studies, Manchester University Press

      We are delighted to announce that CAS has teamed up with Manchester University Press to publish the latest work in anarchist studies that bridges the scholar activist divide. The new series website can now be found here

      Previously published titles are still available through Bloomsbury Press, here

      In 2016 we are delighted to be publishing The autonomous life?: Paradoxes of hierarchy and authority in the squatters movement in Amsterdam, by Nazima Kadir.

      The following titles are forthcoming too:

      Anarchy in Athens: An ethnography of militancy, emotions and violence by Nicholas Apoifis (coming Autumn 2016)

      Cooking up a revolution: Food Not Bombs, Homes Not Jails, and resistance to gentrification by Sean Parson (coming Autumn 2016)

      Black flags and social movements : A sociological analysis of movement Anarchism by Dana M. Williams (coming Autumn 2016)

      Call for proposals

      Launched in 2010, Contemporary Anarchist Studies is the first peer-reviewed monograph series in anarchist studies by a university press. The series promotes the study of anarchism as a framework for understanding and acting on the most pressing problems of our times, showcasing research that exemplifies cutting edge, socially engaged scholarship, bridging theory and practice, academic rigour and the insights of contemporary activism.

      All books published in the series are widely promoted and distributed internationally, in the United States by Oxford University Press, and published under a Creative Commons (2.0) License, which ensures that permission for non-commercial reproduction of the books is granted by the publishers free of charge to voluntary, campaign and community groups. The general format of the series is simultaneous hardback and paperback publication, with the latter priced affordably to reach as large an audience as possible.

      The series editors welcome book proposals on a wide variety of subjects including, but not limited to the following: anarchist history and theory broadly construed; individual anarchist thinkers; anarchist-informed analysis of current issues and institutions; and anarchist or anarchist-inspired movements and practices. Proposals informed by anti-capitalist, feminist, ecological, indigenous, and non-Western or global South anarchist perspectives are particularly welcome. So, too, are projects that promise to illuminate the relationships between the personal and the political aspects of transformative social change, local and global problems, and anarchism and other movements and ideologies. Above all, we wish to publish books that will help activist scholars and scholar activists think about how to challenge and build real alternatives to existing structures of oppression and injustice.

      All proposals are evaluated strictly according to their individual merits and compatibility with the aims of the series. In accordance with this policy, we welcome proposals from independent scholars and new authors as well as from those with an institutional affiliation and publishing record. Titles accepted for publication in the series are supported by an engaged and careful peer review process, including impartial assessments by members of an international editorial advisory board consisting of leading scholars in the field.

      We are currently seeking book proposals that fit the description above. Please send proposals (following the MUP guidelines, which you can find here to one or more of the series editors:

      Laurence Davis, University College Cork ldavis@ oceanfree.net Uri Gordon, Loughborough University u.gordon@ lboro.ac.uk Nathan Jun, Midwestern State University nathan.jun@ mwsu.edu Alex Prichard, Exeter University a.prichard@ exeter.ac.uk

      We also welcome more informal inquiries.


      Anarchism and Moral Philosophy by Benjamin Franks and Matthew Wilson

      This ground-breaking collection of anarchist philosophy is now available from Palgrave

      Post-Anarchism: A Reader by Duane Rousselle and S眉reyyya Evren

      Bringing together